Ekom-Nkam Falls



Region : Littoral

Department : Moungo

Municipality : Baré-Bakem

Village : Ekom-Nkam

GPS coordinates of the site : N 03°36’748’’ E 009°52'818’’

EKOM NKAM FALLS:Under the influence of the German colonizer who wanted to regroup the surrounding populations, they migrated near the site. By accidentally following the Nkam River, they discovered the falls. The name EKOM NKAM would come from the desire of those who discovered the falls to report to the colonizer; a distorted way of saying “We come from Nkam” which ultimately gave the falls the name “Ekom Nkam”. The main resource of the site is this large waterfall, approximately 80 m high and 40 m deep. The male fall is fed by the Nkam River, while the female fall is fed by the Oham River. Facilities have been made to facilitate access. There are well-appointed staircases with guardrails and boukarous. Around this marvelous fall there is an imposing forest; its fauna consists of chimpanzees, monkeys, porcupines, hedgehogs, pangolins. The rivers are full of fish and are open to village fishing. There are captains, catfish, swallowtails, goliath frogs, pigfish. Flora side, we find baobabs, bubinga, Iroko, Eben and several oil palm trees.


The Mbô constitute the main ethnic group of the locality. Some recorded practices of the Mbô culture are: Mengoum (rite of veneration for the dead), Ngono and Mbelè (celebratory dance), Mian-koum (taboo practiced during the death of an individual who must deliver a final message before his burial). A sequence from the film TARZAN was filmed there in 1982/1983.


Other information from the site

  • Accessibility to the site: the falls are accessible by land, a dirt road of approximately 9 km passable in all seasons.
  • Telephone network: the telephone network is stable regardless of the operator.
  • Other services near the site: Health Services: Integrated health center approximately 15 km from the site; Security: Police and gendarmerie stations in the town of BARE.
  • Related infrastructure: restaurants, hotels and travel agencies: There are none in the EKOM-NKAM village. There are 2 hotel complexes around the coast in the Mungo Department: Villa Luciole and Villa Kleber where you can taste good natural cheese. The other nearest accommodation establishments are located in Nkongsamba.

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