Region : Littoral

Department : Sanaga-Maritime

Municipality : Mouanko

GPS coordinates : N 03°38’409’’ E 009°47'579’’

The Mouanko tourist camp is located at the entrance to the eponymous town. Its accommodation capacity is 12 rooms. The camp is located 55 km from the town of Edea.

It originates from the presence of the Douala/Edea National Park which covers several tourist sites, namely: the beaches of Yoyo-Souelaba, Lake Tissongo, the two mouths MBIACO and MOMBO, the OKOKOM site (where several chimpanzees exist), the fishing camps (Yoyo, Youmè, Mbiaco and Malimba), the Moabis in the YAVI forest and the MARIEMBERG chimpanzee sanctuary. The camp has been set up to accommodate tourists wishing to spend more time in the locality.

Services near the site

The telephone network is more or less stable regardless of the operator.

Health Services: District Hospital; Gendarmerie brigade in the administrative district inside the Douala-Edéa National Park.

Related infrastructure: restaurants, hotels and travel agencies

In addition to the Camp, accommodation establishments are located in Mouanko and Edéa.

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