Cameroon identity

Cameroon identity
Cameroon is a mixture of all the diversities of Africa. On the human level, Cameroon is full of nearly 300 tribes. on the geographical level, the relief presents montages of the plains of forests, as well as the dessert. the tropical and humid climate alternates in places.
Cameroon has two English-speaking and eight French-speaking regions.
To say that Cameroon is Africa in miniature is to say that Mother Nature would have made a model of the continent in Cameroon, analyze all aspects before making our Africa.
This country abounds in oil, natural gas, bauxite or cobalt. Crops such as pepper, cocoa, bananas, rice, sorghum, etc.
Finally, what you will find in African countries in the space of 2 years of travel, you will only need 2 months of tourism in Cameroon to have the same feeling.

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