The Ministry

The Ministry
The Ministry of Tourism and Leisure (MINTOUL) is placed under the authority of a minister. This minister is responsible for the development and implementation of government policy in the tourism and leisure sectors.
As such, it is responsible for:
 - the development of draft texts relating to tourism, amusement parks and leisure parks; 
- the elaboration of tourism and leisure development strategies and plans;
 - the promotion of domestic tourism in relation with the administrations concerned;
 - the inventory and development of tourist sites; - the inventory and development of amusement parks and leisure parks;
- control of the quality of service in the hotel, catering and leisure sectors;
 - the promotion of amusement parks and leisure parks;
- the development of standards in the hotel, catering and leisure sectors;
 - control of tourist establishments, amusement parks and leisure parks;
- monitoring training in tourism and hospitality, in conjunction with the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.
MINTOUL liaises between the Government and associations or national or foreign private organizations interested in tourism in Cameroon.
MINTOUL monitors the activities of the World Tourism Organization and those of international cooperation organizations in tourism and leisure, in liaison with other concerned Administrations.
The MINTOUL Exercises supervision over hotel companies with public capital and public tourist and hotel training establishments.

THE RESPONSIBLES : - the Secretary General: NDIORO to MANOUN Paul - the Inspector General: Mrs NONGA Marie - the technical adviser N°1: ZOMEKOU ATEBA Joseph Charles - the technical adviser N°2: KAZI PALAI Josué - Inspector N°1: Mrs. TSOGO Dorothée - Inspector N°1: ISSA MAHAMAT - the director of tourism promotion: MFOUAPON ALASSA - the director of leisure development: Ms. SIKALI Annie - the director of tourist sites: OYEBOG Emmanuel - the head of planning and cooperation division: ABOUBAKARY DOUDY - the director of general affairs: HAMADOU ABBO

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