Municipal lake of Garoua Boulai



Region : Est

Department : Lom et Djérem

Municipality : Garoua-Boulai

GPS coordinates : N 05°92’26” E 14°52’39”



Description : The municipal lake of Garoua –Boulai is a tourist site developed by the state through MINTOUL over an area of three hectares. It is functional. It originates from the presence of this surface body of water which today offers canoe and pedal boat rides.
It is therefore a setting which makes available to visitors: nautical leisure activities, outdoor relaxation areas, accommodation with a capacity of ten rooms, a bar/restaurant with a capacity of 100 seats and a view peaceful side of the city.


Other site information

Health services, gendarmerie brigade and police station are located in the town of Garoua-Boulai, 01 km from the tourist site. In addition to the site which has accommodation, the town of Garoua-Boulai also has it.
The telephone network is stable regardless of the operator.

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