The Cliff of Mbe


Region : Adamaoua

Department : Vina

Municipality : Mbé

GPS coordinates : 7, 33 81 49 / 13, 56 68 30



The Cliff of Mbe is a mountainous escarpment made up of different rocks such as sedimentary and basalt located high up. It is bordered by a wooded savannah with a temperate climate. La Falaise de Mbé is a developed tourist site with quality tourist infrastructure for reception, accommodation (capacity 20 rooms), catering. The site is powered by solar energy (a solar field is built there). In addition to the fauna and flora, the Mbé Cliff has a lake (Lake Mazeré) below the site. Access stairs are provided there. The site is located 45 km from the town of N’Gaoundéré on national road No. 1. You can go hiking, trekking, etc. The telephone network is more or less stable regardless of the operator.

Services near the site

Health Services, the Gendarmerie Brigade police station are lo

cated in the town of Mbé, 24 km from the tourist site.


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